Welcome to look though our website, we are a professional artist brush manufacturer, which located in the mountains in the south of Anhui, along the 205 national road, the various company products as many different painting brushes. Over the past 25 years, the products have exported to different markets, such as Europe, North America, Japan, Middle East area, Hong Kong, Taiwan, more than 20 countries and regions. we export the goods more than four million dollars a year now.

Jingxian city, the location of our company, has long time history. Here is the Chinese study four treasures of the town, several thousand years of making brushes, Cultural details of thousands of years, the Union Arts brushes which be chosen with good elasticity, high quality animal hair and nylon hair, match with nickel plated brass or aluminum ferrules, safety painting coat of the wooden handle,using modern production equipment and management to make high quality Union Arts brushes.

welcomes the Chinese and foreign guests to the beautiful Jingxian mountain city, and the Union Arts brushes hope to meet with more good friends in the world.


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