Jingxian City, mountains around and clear river surround with it, bamboo wall covering, a quiet beautiful place.

Jingxian brush, with a long history,  according to historical records, in 223 BC, the Qin Dynasty general Meng Tian fighting with Chu country, passing through Zhongshan (Jingxian city, Xuancheng area), geting high quality of rabbit hair, then produced the first brush, so people called  Meng Tian is brush founder, this is the ancestor of the brushes from that time.

Jingxian city painting brushes, has always been to strict election materials, Seiko secret agents for filling elegant, pure animal hair and other rigid enough, line round. The Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote "Xuancheng workers make a brush, select with high quality hair from thousand materials", "every year Xuancheng supply the brushes to Capital goverment, the price is as precious as gold". (Note: Jingxian city belongs to Xuancheng. It is called Xuan brush.) The peot of Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo tried with the Xuan brushes, agree with the high quality and collect as troves , many ancient writers and litterateurs praise with the brushes very much. It could be proved that the Jingxian city painting brushes have been well known in China at that time.

     Today, the Union arts brushes are good quality and made with high quality hair such as red sable hair, nylon hair, ox ear hair, goat hair,pony hair,  squirrel hair, bristle and other raw materials. Bamboo handle or wooden handle with color of environmental protection painting, elegant and natural. The traditional exquisite handicraft combined with modern production equipment and management, the Union arts brushes will win a new credit in the future! 


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