Using a brush to welcome birds, shenzhen wa talks about black-faced spoonbills

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On December 10, the "HAPPY black spoof festival" opened in baoan sports center square. The event was hosted by five star aesthetic institutions and organized around the theme of black-faced spoonbills. The atmosphere was warm, and the children and parents involved had a deeper understanding of the rare migratory birds that had been in the dark for the winter.

Sunny Sunday morning, shenzhen baoan sports center square turned into the art sea of black-faced spoonbills. , according to organizers of the "HAPPY to black a day" is the first festival about vervet spoonbills, through the field of dark spoonbill exhibition vervet spoonbills, vervet spoonbills souvenirs, painting and creative play and other activities, to the citizens and the appearance of dark spoonbill and life habits.

Reporter in the interview found that because vervet spoonbills and migratory birds often contact about education, participated in the activities of the children of vervet spoonbills will understand more than the parents, the parents generally when accepting a reporter to interview said he don't know vervet spoonbills, and children are more familiar with: 8 Wei Xinhao vervet spoonbill come about charting: "it's mouth looks like pipa, eating fish like a small shovel; It flies from the north in winter and prefers to live in mangroves. This summer, he also designed an animal protection association badge with a black-faced spoonbill. Seven-year-old Zhang Xulei wings on the photograph of copying, holding a black face spoonbills, beak with black crayon sketch out by her lute shape. In the first international picture book contest of the "little cold hat" in 2017, the "slow doodle" of the black-faced spoonbill, which was selected by five stars, was shortlisted for the excellent work of the professional group. The story of the black-faced spoonbill, "slow dudu", has been attracted by the humanities, architecture and ecology of shenzhen during its migration to the south, and has gradually fallen in love with the city's story.

The rare bird, the black-faced spoonbill, is named after the beak of a bird. It comes to shenzhen from the Korean peninsula in mid-october. According to the survey data released shenzhen birding association, according to the 2017 global vervet spoonbills statistics new record up to 3941, the total and shenzhen bay is counted 375, accounting for almost one over ten of the global total. Shenzhen bay is the world's second largest wintering ground for black-faced spoonbills.

"In 2004, I first caught the black-faced spoonbill in the mangrove forest for the first time in shenzhen, when there were just over 1,400. From then on, I had a special feeling for 'black pit'. Yang zheng, the founder of five star aesthetic education institutions, told reporters about the cause of the "HAPPY black spoof festival". "The black-faced spoonbill is like us in shenzhen: it comes from the far north of more than 8,000 miles, and spends the winter in shenzhen, just as the people from shenzhen are all over the world. It has a flat mouth like a pipa and rarely attacks the same kind, symbolizing shenzhen people love peace. It flew for more than ten days to reach shenzhen, which is exactly the image of shenzhen people's diligence and tenacity. The event will not only enable more children and parents to learn about the black-faced spoonbill, but also help children to have a deeper understanding of shenzhen's urban culture. Yang Zheng said.

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