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Daniel m hot linsky, Alexandra m hot linse card, the polish illustrator was born in 1982 because the map (Chinese version) for Chinese readers familiar with this book, and so came to China for the first time, although only a few days, the food has to their dumbfounded, Daniel said: "can't choose a favorite, everything is too good, beyond my imagination."

Daniel and Alexandra look younger than they actually are, presumably because they have an increased curiosity and a comfortable lifestyle. But in their eyes, do not feel alone different from ordinary people's way of life, because of their artist friends mostly live that way, the second is in Poland, people don't pay special attention to the way of life of others. In the eyes of the poles, each lifestyle is just a way of life, and they are more concerned with the texture of life and the precious memories that are harvested in the course of life.

Others wonder: how do these works come from two authors, and how does the style remain coordinated and unified? It is self-evident that if you see the work, you can't tell the author of the text or the picture. The two people's charm is similar, the harmony of harmony, very tacit understanding, can see them not to fight the way that they are not angry, the manner natural and comfortable. And they are good at observing and curious, and also in the sign of the book, for the bold and competent teachers, the pictures of their drawings are fire-breathing dragons. To the meek girl, draw the sheep; To the cute girl, it's the cat.

Write/the Beijing news reporter zhang shuting

A map with "time weight"

Praise the life, in order to make the child dream

Everyone has a map of the world in their hearts, but some are clear and some are vague, depending on our familiarity with the world. Daniel and Alexandra have created a new and unique map of the world, the map. Because of this work, the couple became internationally known as children's book illustrators. The map is so popular because it breaks the rules by using a large, 8-open format that upends people's stereotypes of traditional maps. In the past, the map has been in line with the principles of precision and detail, trying to restore the objective appearance of the earth from the perspective of god. But such a way, although the distribution of geography is in a glance, it is far away from our natural distance. All the magnificent mountains and buildings of the earth are compressed into flat paper, limited by latitude and longitude coordinates; All the creatures that breathe in the ocean have to be hidden below sea level. Looking at such a static map often gives birth to a sense of awe that "things and I are endless".

Daniel and Alexandra don't want to see the earth so freely, they try to see and record the world in their own eyes. Because of the vision, they liberated the buildings and plants that had been forced to disappear because of the presence of the scale when they looked down, so that the history of time elimination re-emerged to make the past coexist with the present. As Denny said at the sharing session, the person who wants to open it can feel it "with the weight of time." In their maps, the human landscape and the natural landscape coexist, irregularly and without logic. The elements of each map include historical celebrities, featured food, national costumes, local customs, grand architecture, exotic plants and so on. On the map of Poland, pianist Frederic Chopin is on the right side of the gooseberry, beneath the traditional papercut of Warwick; On the map of the United States, hero superman has a hot dog on his left and a moose on his right. The detailed design and the heart, numerous enumerations.

Everyone has a starting point, but curiosity is free. Daniel and Alexandra's creation is to expand people's curiosity about the world as a starting point, such as the map (Chinese version) the underground water the "sea" trilogy "space", the theme is "travel around the world" and "just" - this is the children's childhood wish keywords, and many adults lost dream. But this does not prevent Daniel and Alexandra from repeating the theme of "dream" in their work, which encourages children to explore the world with imagination and curiosity. Since then, they have created 26 works, "for the achievement and praise of life, for the children to dream". They want to create a starting point for their children to remember, and to give their curiosity back to adults. These works, which inspire children to take the initiative to broaden their boundaries of life, have a sense of what is happening and what is happening around the world, as well as the "ignorance" of adults.

Because they pass through works, not just knowledge, but also fun and curiosity. Without consolidate knowledge easily forgotten, not often update knowledge and often replaced, only keep the inexhaustible curiosity, and expected a lot more of the world forever can more leisurely consciously experience the vitality of life, feel the beauty of the all things have spirit. Travel is also the preferred way for couples to experience the world. They have traveled across the United States and New Zealand, preferring "extreme, or worse, natural environments." Daniel has taught himself Japanese and Japanese kendo. Childhood Daniel with his finger on the map to travel, he did not think of, now he used a brush to let readers through reading, imagine to travel, as far as the eye can see him in the world share the same enthusiasm of life.

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