brushes and how to select a brush

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Watercolor paintingexquis is very ite, the watercolor painter chooses the brush as the soldier chooses a knife gun, the right brush is one of the most important tools of the painter. In the painting with a brush and brush, roughly divided into soft and hard MAO MAO two kinds: soft hair brush hair is fine and soft, mostly used in the soft water painting, such as squirrels hairs; The hard brush is coarser, requiring thicker, more viscous pigments, such as the bristle brushes used in oil painting.

Soft hair brush in watercolor painting is the main tool, because the watercolor paint in water as medium, if using a bristle brush will hurt its fragile coating, and watercolor paper also bear bristle brush severe scratches. And bristle brush in watercolor painting, the main purpose is to clean up and make special texture, including cleaning techniques and base texture, is generally used nylon paintbrush, bristle brush for pen after wet easily bifurcate, so rarely used in the more delicate cleaning techniques.

Cow hair brush and cow hair

In that year, he heard that the west had made the most precious "red mink brush" made by the ear hair, and he produced six calligraphy and painting pens, two of which were given to Picasso. It can be seen that niu MAO's position in the brush. However, cow hair is not the most precious brush ingredient. The hair brush is usually made from the ear, where the hair is straight and pliable, and the elasticity is good. There are a variety of colors, gray and yellowish gray, dark brown, etc., and sometimes they are dyed into other colors, such as sable hair.

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